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All reviews and quotes are intended to be used in conjunction with Beth McIntosh or related messaging.


media reviews


"McIntosh's content-oriented material is recognized as literary, which elevates her into the company of a slew of Western writers including Terry Tempest Williams, William Kittredge and Rick Bass."

–Jackson Hole News/Guide


"It's a disservice to pigeonhole Beth McIntosh as a folk singer. The personal quality of the Jackson, WY based songwriter's voice and guitar stylings moves her away from the coffee houses and into larger halls, such as the Utah Museum of Fine Arts Auditorium."

–Salt Lake Tribune


"McIntosh received a standing ovation during an encore at her Salt Lake City concert, which was a full house."
–Jackson Hole News/Guide


"The most pleasant part of the evening was the wit and talent of Beth McIntosh. She shared her delight in fulfilling a dream to play in Kingsbury Hall. She loved the crowd’s demand for more—and happily obliged. Her voice is clear and impressive in its range."

–Desert News, Salt Lake City



peer reviews

"Beth McIntosh is an authentic minstrel. Her music is a vibrant celebration of what it means to be human engaged in the natural world. Her voice, in collaboration with her lyrics, has depth, wisdom and wit. As a performance artist, McIntosh possesses a unique physicality that comes from bedrock experience. This is a woman who loves the land, and embodies it."

–Terry Tempest Williams


"The songs are as big and as deep as the land she lives in. She has done more for the protection of grizzlies via her 'vocal education' than many environmental groups combined."

–Doug Peacock, author, legend


"When Beth McIntosh sings, you can't help but listen—a compelling voice, and a wonderfully delicate way with a song."

–Tom Rush, songwriter, performer, maker of legends


"Beth McIntosh reminds me of a combination of Nanci Griffith's singing and Bruce Cockburn's guitar playing."
–Pierce Pettis, songwriter


"If there was a top ten list of music on KRCL (Salt Lake City), Beth would certainly be on it."
–Intermountain Acoustic Musician


"Beth McIntosh....was the best music director we've ever had. Being a talented and accomplished musician herself, she understands and appreciates music in a way few radio people do. She also delivered the station's strongest board shift on a daily basis."
–Jeff Woodruff, President, KMTN Jackson



college reviews


"The captivated audience truly enjoyed Beth McIntosh's lovely voice plus her excellent guitar playing and sparkling smile."
–Cornell College


"Beth McIntosh is a poet, a serious guitarist and singer with a voice that must be heard to be understood. Beth has drawn hundreds to her performances (at Wellesley). I don't remember seeing a stronger reaction to a performer doing music that was entirely new to most of the audience. Listening to her is like listening to Mark O'Conner playing his own arrangements but it's surrounded by beautiful poetry and haunting melody. Beth is a wonderful human who fills her music with her soul."

–Wellesley College


"Beth played to a full house, and those who got in had nothing but praise for her. Our only regret was that we did not have more space for her performance!"

–Swarthmore College



education reviews


"My two college-age children were guitar students of Beth McIntosh every chance they got. They always called her first when they arrived home to get a "lesson fix". Each of them progressed beautifully because she tailored the work load, the music, and the emphasis to their changing schedules and interests. They are now graduated and working, but they still adore Beth and try to see her and play together every time they are in Jackson Hole."
–Parent of students, Arts Center Board Member


"Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, that's when I get to go to Beth's for my guitar class."

–Student, 11


"It was impossible for us to get our daughter, 11, interested in a musical instrument until she connected with Beth. Now, she and her guitar are nearly inseparable. We can see that Beth has instilled in her a passion for the instrument, as well as the simple joy of creating, of expressing, of making music. (Our daughter) is in most ways a typical, distracted pre-teen, but clearly due to Beth's inspiring teaching style, she seems to recognize that the discipline of practicing is an integral part of the process. Working on her guitar – even the repetitive parts – has become an enjoyable and challenging routine for her."

–Parents of student


"(Beth's studio is) a truly magical place for music. Beth has inspired such enthusiasm for music in my girls by making music FUN. One is on the guitar and the other is playing the piano, and they both can't wait for their 'music time' with Beth. I never thought it possible."
–Parent of students, ages 6 and 9


"A songwriting seminar with Beth is an ideal event for any school year!"
–Wilson Elementary School, Wilson, WY


"Beth McIntosh shares her passion for music with children in a way that inspires a love for music for all that participate or listen. In her songwriting seminars, each child is a musician and songwriter with something special to contribute. Students soar with the opportunity to create music; linking amazing musical knowledge integrated with their interdisciplinary learning experiences."

–Teton Valley Community School, Victor, ID


"We only performed the songs we wrote with you for 15 minutes, but when you count all the people that enjoyed it (300) multiplied by the 15 minutes, that equals 75 hours of happiness! Mr. (Robert) Redford came up afterward and thanked us for writing those beautiful songs in tribute to the school he helped to start. The class really misses you. Please come back!"

–Sundance Mountain School 6th grade student


"The Teton Science School has been fortunate to call Beth McIntosh our close friend, teacher and partner. Beth has worked with hundreds of students from grade school through adult. She has been particularly influential in her work with our graduate students. She has taught and inspired graduate students to reach deeply into themselves in order to be better educators. Her Wild Voice Project is one that fills a real need."
–Teton Science School, Jackson, WY



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