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Below you will find the discography of Beth McIntosh's acclaimed career. Since 1989, she has released four full length CDs, with her original sense of place songs: Fire & Sage (1989), Grizzlies Walking Upright (1991), Songline (1993), and The Wild Ride (1997). All albums are available to purchase. You may also choose to listen to audio clips (music icon .mp3) and download her full length video (video icon .mov).



Beth McIntosh Music Video


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Beth McIntosh Discography

fire & sage


fire and sage cd cover


1. Three Women music icon lyrics
2. Watching the Ties
3. Benjamin Hill
4. When I Want You (Where Will You Be?)
5. A Guest in this Land music icon lyrics
6. Blue Heron music icon lyrics
7. Down to the Wire
8. Crimes
9. The Wayfaring Stranger
10. Lightning Girl
11. My Funny Valentine



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grizzlies walking upright


grizzlies walking upright cd cover


1. I Am Of This Place
2. Grizzlies Walking Upright
3. Seven Mile Hole
4. We Are Dreaming (This Dream)
5. Bear Is Gone music icon lyrics
6. Gala Suite
7. Basketball Drum music icon lyrics
8. Whiskey On The Rooftop
9. Gretel & Moze
10. The Idea Of September music icon lyrics
11. Normal People
12. Drive


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songline cd cover


1. Angel music icon lyrics
2. You In The Moonlight music icon lyrics
3. So In Love
4. Water In The West music icon lyrics
5. Meet Coyote
6. Trinity
7. Why Try To Be Calm?
8. Truman's Choice

9. Postcards
10. Walking The Song
11. Dangerous
12. The Back of The Day
13. The Wings of Maya
14. One World



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The Wild Ride


the wild ride cd cover


1. Maps
2. Begin The Wild Ride music icon lyrics
3. Milagro
4. The Bookstore
5. Finding My Rhythm music icon lyrics
6. Walking On My Own Bones music icon lyrics
7. Garden Song / Goodnight Irene
8. Circles And Waves
9. Shady Grove
10. Walking The Song
11. Sullivan Street
12. Whiskey On The Rooftop music icon lyrics
13. Three Women
14. Give It Away
15. Buffalo Heart


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