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The summer is flying by as they seem to do. It's fantastic to watch the changes here in the mountains. Plants and animals bursting forth in a brilliant celebration--every moment. I will be celebrating, too, at the Mainstage Theatre on August 19, 2005 at 8 o'clock.

Please join me for an evening of song and stories.


I'll see you there!


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2004 was a benchmark year. It marks my return to broader touring after spending the last 5 years fully engaged in getting my delightful 9 and 5 year old children well settled into life. I've been tethered to home and land, and this has allowed me to grow tomatoes—tomatoes in the Tetons!—for seven years in a row now. But my greenhouse collapsed under the snow load last winter and I took it as a sign to get out and about.


This doesn't mean I haven't been playing all along, however. It seems like I make it to every close venue once a year or so, thanks to the continued support of listeners, promoters, and dedicated musicians. I am humbled by the requests that continue to come in all the time.


I am traveling farther afield. Most notably, I went for the first time to Scotland and experienced the music indigenous to my DNA. There I heard lovely, lovely sounds. I got deeper into the 6/8 feel and the driving percussive rhythmic guitar style I so adore. I also learned about PURE MELODY. I experienced more directly the role of the songwriter. I watched as songs viscerally siphoned joy and pain from the people. I met folks who were gracious, intelligent, polite—and consistently would quizzically ask, "What are you DOING over there?" I didn't have an answer.


I'm also finding more songwriters and perspectives within the US. Now more than ever all artists, in fact all PEOPLE, must express what is most worthy and true. No more white noise.


After fearing the loss of my coveted Snake River Guitar in a river, on airplanes and at shows for 20 years I finally decided it was time to have a travel instrument so I got a new guitar. Although very nice, it could be replaced in the event of a disaster. My Snake River Guitar continues to astound me and everyone that hears it. It's just in semi-retirement from the road. I'll still use it for recording, I'm sure.


And, most important, I have new material. Much of it has come from my trip to Scotland. The songs that have been completed are at various stages of gaining performance life, and there are numerous unfinished pieces in different states of doneness. There are song journals strewn around the house and even little ones in my purse and computer bag in case of a "songwriting emergency." This is a good feeling.


I've also had the honor of teaching and mentoring people in different approaches to music. This is a treasure and a trust that keeps me growing and moving, and changes the way I perceive what I'm doing in my own work. My students really are my teachers, as are my children (shhh, don't tell THEM that!).


In small but important terms, the bike path that leads from my door to Grand Teton National Park was completed this summer. It is a delight beyond compare to live on a bicycle. It is by far the most powerful vehicle on earth!


Thanks to the brilliant folks at Portis Group, what's happening RIGHT NOW is the launching of this fabulous new site. Revisit often! Sign the guestbook or contact me directly, I would love to hear what you have to say.


I am surrounded by family and a healthy wild environment. There is organic indigenous food and good wine. Every year, every moment brings a richer personal landscape from which to draw inspiration. I am unendingly grateful for the countless individuals and organizations who have cared about the things that matter, and have lived with integrity and dignity during these extreme times.


It's such an extraordinary pleasure to be traveling the path of music. It is an infinite path, and the view is spectacular!


A gigantic hug to Randy Hancock for helping with all this. Randy, you're a brilliant web guy and a great person, too.



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