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The birth of my sons slowed my touring career (way) down. This began the most fertile and authentic period of my life learning about what it is to be a human being. Having children, engaging in community and family, and pursuing a loyalty to landscape have been the keys for me to realizing a WHOLE life. I am very grateful.


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Individual Instruction



Residencies and Curricula Development





I created and teach the Finding Your Wild Voice creativity seminars at the Teton Science School and the Murie Center in Grand Teton National Park, along with my friend (MA Education Emerson College, Boston, MA). educator Carol Shumans. I facilitate group sessions in:

  • Basic Song Structure /Guitar

  • Instant Guitar

  • Alternate Tunings

  • Ear Training

  • Lyric Structure and Rhyming

  • Simple Guitar in the classroom

  • Simple Guitar for parents

These sessions are based on the Berklee method, the philosophies of the great music educators Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and Zoltan Kodály and an innovative presentation which draws the best work from each participant. There are many more subjects and categories that I can address based on specific requests.


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Using a combination of techniques based on the needs of students, I work with individuals and small groups in my private studio in Wilson WY.


"My two college-age children were guitar students of Beth McIntosh every chance they got. They always called her first when they arrived home to get a "lesson fix". Each of them progressed beautifully because she tailored the work load, the music, and the emphasis to their changing schedules and interests. They are now graduated and working, but they still adore Beth and try to see her and play together every time they are in Jackson Hole."
–Parent of students, Arts Center Board Member


"Tuesday is my favorite day of the week – that's when I get to go to Beth's for my guitar class."

–Student, 11


"It was impossible for us to get our daughter, 11, interested in a musical instrument until she connected with Beth. Now, she and her guitar are nearly inseparable. We can see that Beth has instilled in her a passion for the instrument, as well as the simple joy of creating, of expressing, of making music. (Our daughter) is in most ways a typical, distracted pre-teen, but clearly due to Beth's inspiring teaching style, she seems to recognize that the discipline of practicing is an integral part of the process. Working on her guitar – even the repetitive parts – has become an enjoyable and challenging routine for her."

–Parents of student


"(Beth's studio is) a truly magical place for music. Beth has inspired such enthusiasm for music in my girls by making music FUN. One is on the guitar and the other is playing the piano, and they both can't wait for their 'music time' with Beth. I never thought it possible."
–Parent of students, ages 6 and 9


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I am available for consultations based on the needs of a school or community.


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Workshops are designed to support and sustain local, community based music making through performance venues, mentoring, and participatory music events.


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I have produced 5 full length CDs of songs generated by children through the Wild Voice Kids Project. of these original works focus on school science and language standards.


Several times I have worked with the Wild Bunch Ranch in Tetonia, ID in bringing compassionately housed wild animals (who would otherwise have been "euthanized") into the classroom. We then write songs about these animals, their habitats, and our feelings around them.


Residencies included in the region closest to Jackson Hole include but are not limited to:

I sit on the Advisory Board for the Jackson Hole Music Experience, a group of music educators who are housed by the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts. Here I get to talk to other musicians and music educators about what works and what doesn't, and the state of music education today in this valley and in the world at large.


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I have been lucky to be involved in projects of all sorts. The list of collaborations from the past is extensive. Here is a partial list of the artists I have partnered with:

  • Charlie Craighead – Author and filmmaker, Moose, WY

  • Doug Peacock – Author, Livingston, MT

  • Lyn Dalebout – Poet, Moose, WY

  • Tracy Penfield – Dancer, Norwich, VT

  • Phil Round – Musician, Wilson, WY

  • Carol Shumans – Educator and multi-media artist, Cambridge, MA

  • Terry Tempest Williams – Author, Salt Lake City, Utah


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